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Want to work, but have questions and/or concerns? You have come to the right place for answers and information! Regardless of the severity of one’s disability, anyone can work competitively. That is, all individuals with disabilities can engage in income-producing activity in the community. This can be done in a number of ways – traditional employment, customized employment, or self- employment. Individuals with disabilities are not relegated to just sitting at home or attending a sheltered workshop or day program. 


Medicaid and Working

For people with disabilities and their families, losing financial and medical benefits are the biggest concern about working. Information regarding keeping vital medical and personal supports is not easy to find and navigate. Job seekers who want to know more regarding how to become employed while keeping their benefits, including Medicaid andany other waiver service can start by exploring the following resources.

  • Work Incentives - General Information provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA) Learn More

  • Work Incentive Planning Services (also known as Benefit Counseling) can be provided in person or over the phone. There are two WIPA providers in Georgia:

  1. Benefits Navigator Program, in partnership with Shepherd Center, serves residents in the Northwest portion of the state and most of metro Atlanta ( 40 counties in total). Call 1-800-283-1848 or go visit here

  2. Work Incentives Navigator Services, in partnership with the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency, serves residents in the Northeast, Central and Southern half of the state (119 counties in total). Call 1-844-367-9472 or go to visit here

Map of Georgia shown that shows which counties are covered by GVRA and Shepherd Center
Counties covered by GVRA
Counties covered by the Shepherd Center

Work Incentives Planning and Assistance

Contact Information: 

(800) For-WIP

(800) 283-1848

Need help finding, acquiring, and/or maintaining employment?

There are two main Georgia entities helping individuals with disabilities with employment.


  1. The Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA) offers many services to job seekers with disabilities to locate, obtain, and continue with employment. They help with such things as paying for schooling/training, conducting assessments, providing technology, assisting on-the-job, and so much more. GVRA assists youth with transitioning out of high school as well as adults re-entering the workforce. Learn More 

  2. For those who utilize state Medicaid waiver services, some of the Georgia Medicaid waivers fund work supports and services for individuals with disabilities. Georgia has recognized the ability of individuals with disabilities to work and has begun to integrate community employment supports into the continuum of long-term care in Medicaid. The New Options Waiver Program (NOW) and Comprehensive Supports Waiver Program (COMP) offers supported employment services. For a brief overview of these waivers:

  • Click here to view their flyer

  • Click here for more information about waiver-related employment supports


Additionally, the links to the right are useful to all audiences, including job seekers
and their families. Please click the links to learn more regarding how advancing
employment for those with disabilities in Georgia can benefit you.

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