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As a provider, you have an important role to play in assisting people with disabilities in utilizing their gifts, skills, and talents to become wage earners. While Advancing Employment is designed for many stakeholders, this initiative recognizes bettering the quality and access to community-based employment services as a priority. Thus, this initiative specifically targets providing assistance to providers to enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to support people with disabilities in integrated, competitive work settings.


To support provider transformation and the implementation of best-practice strategies that lead to competitive, integrated employment among individuals with disabilities, we are offering three Georgia employment providers an opportunity to receive individualized, hands-on technical assistance and mentoring.


Please view the Request for Assistance (RFA) package. Click here


In promoting meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, all Georgia employment providers are encouraged to participate in the sharing of information, resources and dialogue. This can be done through the Advancing Employment Virtual Community of Practice and Learning Community.  Join today


Additionally, the links to the right are useful to all audiences, including employment providers. Learn more regarding how advancing employment for those with disabilities in Georgia can benefit you.

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