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Personal Employment Stories


Vance is passionate about two things: people and sports.


Weighing 1.9 pounds at birth in 1962, Alan Bittaker was the smallest male in America to survive when he was born during the sixth month of his mother’s pregnancy.

Click here to read Donnie's story. Image of Donnie at work shown.

Donnie always wanted to work.  His desire, channeled through supported employment, created options in which he could choose his goals. 

Evan Dewey.png

“I don’t think people realize what it means to have that gift of freedom for Evan and for me,” Jane muses. 

Click here to read Mae's story. Image of Mae swimming shown.

Mae is on a journey to live and work in the community. 

Click here to read Kyleigh's story. Image of Kyleigh shown.

Kyleigh is a high school student preparing for the world of independence. 


He began attending UGA through the Destination Dawgs full inclusion program. Reflecting their tagline “Life is a journey. Be prepared for the trip..."

Click here to read Tracy's story. Image of Tracy at work shown.

Tracy Rackensperger, Ph.D. lives life to the fullest!  She is a faculty member at the University of Georgia where she teaches undergraduate students.

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