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The Landscape: A podcast on people, programs, and businesses changing the landscape for individuals with any type of disability.
Host: Naveh Eldar


​Doug Crandell of UGA and Griffin-Hammis Associates


Doug Crandell is a national subject matter expert in Supported Employment, with expertise working with individuals with severe mental illness; and developmental disabilities. Doug is also and award winning author with both fiction and non-fiction books published. In this episode he speaks about his work helping states shape and improve their supports of individuals with disabilities, his writing and more. Doug is passionate, creative, informed and a great story teller. It's an important episode for disability advocates across the board, but especially individuals in the supported employment field, from state leadership, to DSP's and employment specialists.


A NDEAM Conversation about disability employment and disability history in Georgia.
Host: Doug Crandell


​Gillian Grable of the Institute on Human Development and Disability at UGA



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Mental Health and Vocational Rehabilitation Collaboration: Supported Employment

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Meaningful Writing: Capturing Strengths and Ideal Conditions of Employment

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