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Webinar series: NDEAM 2021

The Georgia Coalition for NDEAM!

October 4th, 2021, 1 P.M. - 2 P.M.

  • Facilitator: Doug Crandell, IHDD, Advancing Employment

  • Speakers: Stacey Valrie Peace and Cheryl Ann Frazier, State ADA Coordinator’s Office, Kate Brady, Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities, Amy Price, Price Support Network, Meghan Smithgall, Inclusively

Join us for a fun and invigorating kick-off to Georgia’s collaborative observance of National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Hear about how each week has a designated theme, the proclamations taking place, and how the nine organizations plan on keeping the theme going from October into infinity! This is a great time to learn about all the dedicated work going on in Georgia from ADA guidance to engaging business in creative and informed ways. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to start NDEAM in Georgia off right!

Supporting our Nation's Veterans

October 11th, 2021, 1 P.M. - 2 P.M.

  • Debbie Ball, VP Employment Services, Easterseals Southern California

This session will demonstrate how Customized Employment (CE) can be used to help veterans enter the civilian workforce. You will learn easy ways to apply CE to assure positive outcomes, hear stories about veterans who have been employed successfully through CE, and walk away with resources that can be applied immediately. This will be an interactive session, with opportunities for questions throughout.

What Does it Take to Exit School Employed?

October 18th, 2021, 1 P.M. - 2 P.M.

  • Tricia Jones-Parkin, Utah School to Work Initiative, Utah State University

During this webinar, participants will learn about the Utah School to Work Initiative. The initiative focuses on providing expanded opportunities to students with complex support needs through a customized approach. Participants will learn: (1) how to best collaborate so students can exit with individualized, paid work experiences and/or a career pathway. (2) How to use the Discovery process to inform the IEP and guide individualized work experiences. (3) How to define roles and responsibilities for students, families, educators, adult service providers, VR counselors and WIOA youth counselors. (4) Lessons learned and (5) resources available to support your local efforts.

Poppin' Joe's and the Business of Being Self-Employed!

October 25, 2021 1 P.M. - 2 P.M.

  • Joe Steffy, owner of Poppin' Joe's and Jennifer Stratton, Joe's sister and champion


In April 2005, with Joe Steffy as the sole proprietor, Poppin’ Joe’s was established to provide Joe the opportunity to operate and manage his own business. Supported by a loving family, Joe's business continues to grow each year. Poppin Joe's Gourmet Kettle Korn can now be found at Walmarts, fairs, craft shows, car shows and events. In addition, Poppin Joe's™ is involved in raising funds for charitable organizations and is enjoyed at snack and office locations throughout the United States of America. Join us to here this dynamic brother-sister duo share their stories!


Make sure to check out Poppin’ Joe’s website!

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