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ACRE Trainings

Supported Employment Emphasizing Customized Employment
featuring Doug Crandell

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Doug Crandell


Doug Crandell has worked in supported employment for 30 years. He has been the Project Director for several demonstration grants funded through the U.S. Department of Labor, the Bureau of Justice Assistance, and the Social Security Administration. He directed Georgia’s Medicaid Infrastructure Grant funded by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.  


Doug is on the faculty of the Institute on Human Development and Disability at the University of Georgia, and a Senior Consultant with Griffin-Hammis. For the last seven years, Doug has provided training and technical assistance to Georgia’s DBHDD supported employment providers. He is a Subject Matter Expert with several states to restructure their employment supports to include evidence-based supported employment, customized employment, and self-employment. He is the Project Director for Georgia’s Training and Technical Assistance Center for Employment funded by the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities: Advancing Employment


As an author, Doug has published seven books and is a regular contributor to the SUN Magazine, where he publishes essays on labor, health and disability. 

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The curriculum used for the GVRA training
is owned by Griffin Hammis.

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Institute on Human Development
and Disability (IHDD)
Georgia Council on Developmental
Disabilities (GCDD)
Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation
Agency (GVRA)

Free to GVRA/DBHDD Providers

GVRA is proud to offer 40-hour training sessions emphasizing Customized Employment and job development skills to GVRA / DBHDD providers. Upon completion, participants will receive a nationally-recognized certificate for their work. This credential is recognized by the Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators (ACRE).


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Eligible applicants must:

  1. Be currently providing services to individuals with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities supporting competitive, integrated employment, as a provider with DBHDD and GVRA or be in application to be a dual-provider.

  2. Have the capacity and ability to commit to receiving structured assistance in support of community-based capacity building in the delivery of Discovery and Customized Supported Employment.

  3. Commit to actively participating in the training course, attend each session during the training and complete all assignments within required time frame.

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If your organization is selected, you will receive:

  • 40-hour ACRE training: Six (6) week web-based instruction to support the implementation of Discovery and Customized Supported Employment. The 40-hour course with an emphasis on Customized Employment has been approved by ACRE for a National Basic Certificate of Achievement in Community Employment.


  • On-site Technical Assistance: Assistance will be delivered after each cohort has completed the 40-hour ACRE curriculum. Onsite TA days will support providers of Customized Supported Employment (CSE) in the implementation phases of CSE.


  • Virtual Technical Assistance: Distance learning can include help with completing the Discovery Staging Record, Interviewing Others, forming a CSE Team, Developing Lists of Twenty under each of the Three Vocational Themes, tracking milestones/benchmarks during Discovery, and Customized Employer Engagement and other related processes.


  • Access to a Community of Practice: The CoP has both face-to-face learning opportunities, as well as a virtual learning community for employment service providers. The CoP enables members to access and share information related to best practices in employment supports and participate in interactive webinars.


If selected, your agency will commit to & be responsible for:

  1. Ensuring all relevant team members actively participate and engage in all training and technical assistance activities;

  2. Ensuring all relevant team members actively participate in onsite technical assistance scheduling; 

  3. Active participation in evaluation activities throughout the project that will include tracking metrics and associated outcomes.


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Note: Advancing Employment is not offering ACRE training at this time. More training resources can be found here.

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